Intellectual Property (IP)

Altacit Global offers a spectrum of IP Services, facilitating companies to look at Altacit Global as a complete IP Service provider, when they are challenged with the daunting task of realising the potent value of their intellectual capital portfolio. At Altacit Global, we are actively involved in all aspects of Intellectual Property and with our emphasis on research & training; many services we offer have the “first-mover advantage”, helping our clients stay ahead of competition.

Corporate Law Services

The Firm clients includes entrepreneurs, small, medium and large corporations whom we advice on a broad range of corporate law transactions. We offer expert guidance on diverse corporate issues, meticulously structuring business deals with exacting detail in order to minimize risk and optimize our clients’ short- and long-term objectives. Servicing the versatile business needs of both India and International clients, we facilitate our clients to deal with central, state and local rules and regulations affecting their business: from initial incorporation, business registration, new venture, acquisitions and alliances, business law, real estate, employment law, intellectual property protection, etc.

Real Estate

Altacit Global has substantial experience in property transactions in the residential and commercial segments. We bring you the collective knowledge of a group of lawyers who have professional expertise on a variety of legal services pertaining to real estate. Our services include:
  • Legal guidance for Sale/Purchase of Property.
  • Title Investigation and Legal Opinion of Property Documents.
  • Joint Ventures/Joint Developments and Memorandum of Agreements.
  • Drafting Deeds and Documents appertaining to Property transactions.
  • Site-visits and Registration of Documents.
  • Residential/Commercial Lease Agreements.

Family Law

Advising clients on marriage disputes, divorce and separation, maintenance, financial agreements, child custody, domestic violence, wills & estate, property disputes and settlements.


Franchising, due to its ambiguity and the hybrid nature requires careful planning. At Altacit Global, we provide support systems & advisory services that fit the specific needs of our clients. The “Franchise Program” offered by Altacit Global is designed to assist business from conception of an idea to its inception. We further support the “Franchise Program” with services & tools for continuous management and periodic audits ensuring success.