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  1. The free trademark watch is restricted only for word marks. Design Elements and other descriptive matters are currently excluded.
  2. Alerts are sent by email only to above indicated email address. Altacit Global is not responsible for non transmittal or any loss during transmission.
  3. This is a private watch service and not an official watch service.
  4. Altacit Global reserve the right in its sole discretion with or without notice at any time to decline, suspend or terminate the rendering of the free trademark watch service.
  5. The searches are handled with the utmost care. However, we cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the search reports, which are subject to a number of uncertainties of legal, technical and personal nature. The search results are particularly limited by the availability and accuracy of the Indian Trademark Office Database. We must therefore deny all liability including but not limited to the results of the searches, any action or inaction based on the results and non rendering of service or delay in rendering the service.