Intellectual Property Chart

Duration As long as it remains a secret 20 years Life of author plus 60 years 10 years and further renewable in perpetuity for terms of 10 years 10 yrs and further renewable for a term of five year. 10 yrs and further renewable in perpetuity for terms of 10 yrs.
Prohibited Acts Misappropriation Make, use or sell processes. Copying/Substantial similarity Likelihood of Confusion Using imitations of designs on articles Misleading about geographical origin of goods
Injunctive Protection Stop use by those misappropriating Right to exclude Copying of particular expression As long as used Right to exclude others from using the designs Exclusive right to use.
Interest Protected Business Information Inventions Expression of Ideas Consumer recognition of Brands; avoid confusion New & original designs applied to articles Names indicating goods originate from a particular geographical area
Criteria for Obtaining Not generally known; Economically Valuable New, useful, non-obvious Original First to use in commerce Original Goods should originate from a geographical area and have outstanding qualities specific to that area
Time to Act Before Disclosure Before disclosure of the invention to public Anytime but must register before lawsuit Upon intent to use or use actual Upon creation and before disclosure Upon intent to use or actual use
Registration No registration Controller of Patents Indian Copyright Office Registrar of Trademarks Controller of Designs Registrar of Geographical Indications