Siam IP Chart

Intellectual Property Chart

DurationAs long as it remains a secret20 yearsLife of author plus 60 years10 years and further renewable in perpetuity for terms of 10 years10 yrs and further renewable for a term of five year.10 yrs and further renewable in perpetuity for terms of 10 yrs.
Prohibited ActsMisappropriationMake, use or sell processes.Copying/Substantial similarityLikelihood of ConfusionUsing imitations of designs on articlesMisleading about geographical origin of goods
Injunctive ProtectionStop use by those misappropriatingRight to excludeCopying of particular expressionAs long as usedRight to exclude others from using the designsExclusive right to use.
Interest ProtectedBusiness InformationInventionsExpression of IdeasConsumer recognition of Brands; avoid confusionNew & original designs applied to articlesNames indicating goods originate from a particular geographical area
Criteria for ObtainingNot generally known; Economically ValuableNew, useful, non-obviousOriginalFirst to use in commerceOriginalGoods should originate from a geographical area and have outstanding qualities specific to that area
Time to ActBefore DisclosureBefore disclosure of the invention to publicAnytime but must register before lawsuitUpon intent to use or use actualUpon creation and before disclosureUpon intent to use or actual use
RegistrationNo registrationController of PatentsIndian Copyright OfficeRegistrar of TrademarksController of DesignsRegistrar of Geographical Indications